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Draft, Duel, Dominate

Designed for competitive 5v5 games such as:

Dynamic support for games from 1v1 to 8v8:

League of Legends
Your own In-House Custom Games Manager

Your own In-House Custom Games Manager

Enhance the competitive atmosphere in your server with the In-House Queue Discord Bot. In-House Queue allows you to easily organize and run custom games, giving your members the opportunity to hone their skills and progress in their favorite titles.


Built-in Custom MMR system for balanced matchmaking.


View your server leaderboard on our website!

Channel Gen

Automatic Discord Voice and Text channel generation.

Duo Queue

InHouseQueue makes it very easy to grab your best Duo and dominate together.


Trusted by many Amateur, Orgs and Casual InHouse Servers. Discord and Top.GG Verified.


Easily get started with our demo guide. Or use the setup command to jump straight into the action.

Play, Practice, and Progress like the Pros.

With the In-House Discord Bot, organizing and running custom games has never been easier. Let us take care of the details so you can focus on what matters most - the fun of playing with your friends and community.

Unlock Your Players True Potential

Unlock Your Players True Potential

  1. Unique In-Game role assignment
  2. Unlock built in Achievements
  3. Spectators Buttons
  4. Track your stats and match history
  5. Dedicated server site leaderboard
  6. Duo Queue
  7. Captain Queue
  8. Customize Team sizes (1v1 - 8v8)
  9. So much more...

Contact us via our Support Server.

Empower Your Gaming Community

Empower Your Gaming Community

  1. Server Customization: Tailor the bot to your server's needs, whether you're a casual player or a competitive gamer.
  2. Comprehensive Profile and Stats: Access a centralized hub for your profile and stats, tracking MMR, MVP votes, longest win streaks and much more.
  3. Time scheduled queues: Like playing at a certain time everyday? Add a schedule and InHouseQueue will automatically send and close a queue at your desired time.
  4. Team Size customization No matter the game, we have you covered. From 1v1s to 8v8s!
  5. InHouseQueue Challenges: Engage your members by offering exclusive Discord roles for completing challenges or reaching milestones.

Level up your Gaming server by inviting In-House Queue.

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