In-House Queue Decorative Banner

Tier 1

Seed the Future - Customisation


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Custom Queue Banner Image

Customized Banner Image for the queues to align with your server aesthetic.

Custom Queue Embed Colour

Customized colour for the queue to align with your server aesthetic.

Early access to updates

Help Seed the future of InHouseQueue by providing feedback and helping us test!

  • Premium Bot Support
  • Private Patreon Channel Access
  • Custom Queue Embed Color
  • Discord Role
  • Private Channel Access

Tier 2

Shape the Future - Commands and Features


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Rename Teams

Remove that boring Red vs Blue. Customize your team names in the queue!

Hide player names

Players remain anonymous until a game starts. Is someone on your dodge list?

Queue dodge Penalties

Issue timeouts for players who consistently dont ready up.

Best of 3 / Best of 5

Enable Best of series for the extremely competitive

InHouseQueue Seasons

Fully automated seasons. Dedicated leaderboards, queues and MMR. (Coming Soon)

Premium Challenges

We have free challenges, watch out for the Premium ones! (Coming Soon)

  • Rename Teams
  • Hide player names
  • Queue dodge Penalties
  • Best of 3 / Best of 5
  • InHouseQueue Seasons
  • Premium Challenges (Coming Soon)
  • ALL Tier 1 Benefits (Coming Soon)

Tier 3

Secure the Future - White Label


Free 7-Day Trial

Customized Bot

White Label InHouseQueue bot.

Customisation Include:

  • Bot Name
  • Bot Avatar / Display Picture
  • Status - eg Playing Valorant
  • Queue Banner Image
  • Queue Color

As this is a Whitelabel of InHouseQueue, your Tier 3 bot will be kept in sync with InHouseQueue. You will get; bug fixes, quality-of-life changes and all future features and improvements. All at no extra cost for as long as you're a member.

Free 7-Day TRIAL!
  • These first 7 Days can be used for setting up and testing. It also gives the developers time to create your awesome bot!

One server only

All data (leaderboards, queues, wins, losses etc.) will automatically transition to your Whitelabel bot.

  • Whitelabel InHouseQueue Bot
  • ALL Tier 1 and Tier 2 Benefits

Custom Bot Hosting

Independent tier for Casual Bot Hosting. If you have another self coded bot you are having trouble hosting, we can help.


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Instant Changes

As we are hosting we can make any changes quickly and efficiently. Any improvements, Bug fixes or QOL changes can be live within minutes.

99.5% Uptime

Your bot will be online 24/7. Any downtime will be communicated to you prior.

  • Hosting Provided by us
  • Default hosted in North Virginia NA Region.
  • Premium support and debugging for Custom bot
  • Private Patreon Channel Access
  • Premium Bot Support
  • Discord Role